Bike Service

The landmark hotels of Girona make available a range of services to give you all comforts during your stay with us or when cycling Girona surroundings across the "vies verdes" (greenways).

1. A safe place to keep your bike

Ultonia's Hotels are the only collaborators with bikefriendly of Girona. We offer you a place to leave your bike safely during your stay (Parking floor -3). You have available brackets to hang the bike and safety devices to prevent any robbery.

2. Workshop

Our workshop allows you to repair minor hiccups that might arise before embarking on a new journey. We have all the necessary tools, accessories and additional information regarding specialty stores (in case it needs some specific part), external to the housing workshops, etc.

3. Washing Bike 

Hotel makes available an space with pressure water to wash bike. Remember that the correct cleaning and drying of some parts of the bike are very important in relation to preventing future mechanical problems during the trip. 

4. Material Information

We make you available at least three information-bike routes and three for mountain. Also, we provide you brochures and guides for different routes around the hotel .

5. Pirinexus route

The Pirinexus route offers 353 kilometres of cyclable territory for bike lovers and hikers alike, combining physical exercise in the great outdoors, and in beautiful surroundings, with the added bonus of being able to discover the region visited. Pirinexus passes through 53 towns and 8 different counties in total, and combines stretches of the greenways with other cyclable routes such as rural roads or tracks with low levels of traffic. 

6. Girona Greenways

Girona Greenways, awarded Second Prize for European Greenways 2003, allow users to go from the enchanting Pyrenees down to the warm Costa Brava by bicycle or on a pleasant hike. The route takes you through five of the eight Girona counties: Baix Empordà, Gironès, La Selva, Garrotxa and Ripollès. 

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