How to reach the hotel from Girona's North entrance

If you travel across the AP-7 towards Girona in south sense, coming from France, the exit to enter to the city that you will have to take is number 6 (Girona - North). Passed the toll, you will have to cross the entire Municipality of Sarrià de Ter trough the France Avenue, always in Girona’s centre direction.  

Having passed the Hospital Josep Trueta and the Cinema’s Ocines roundabout, you will have to go forward crossing the Ter river through the La Barca bridge. Situated in this point, and with the Devesa on the background, the panoramic of  the Cathedral of Girona and Sant Feliu, will offer you a spectacular welcoming to the city of Girona

Later on, you will have to continue the direction of Girona centre going down the railways of the train. Passing out the roundabout in front of the Post Office, you will only have to take the Gran Avenue Jaume I to arrive finally to the entrance of the hotels.  

It is necessary to remember that to the reception of the Hotel Gran Ultonia and of the Hotel Ultonia one access from the same point since the entry to both hotels is shared. Just in front of the main entrance door of the Hotel, for your comfort you have an exclusive zone of parking for clients.

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To see our recommendations to come to the parking from the entry of the hotels see the following link.