How to reach the hotel from Girona's Train station

One of many advantages of the Hotel Gran Ultonia - Hotel Ultonia of Girona is its location, just in the centre of the city. This privileged situation, besides allowing the traveller to visit comfortably all the Girona’s tourists centres, permits the access to the different means of transport that communicate the city, across which you’ll be able to move around Girona and surroundings with great facility.

 Girona’s Train Station, placed before the Bus Station, its placed only 10 minutes walking. Now we detail the tour that you’ll have to follow to come to the hotels from this point of entry in Girona:

  • Option 1: Crossing the financial district of Girona

When you’ll be out of the train station or bus, go to Barcelona Street. When you’ve arrived to this travelled street, turn to the left side and continue until you find Marques de Camps Square.

Turning to right hand, immediately you’ll find “Jaume I Gran Avenue”. When you’ve arrived to one of the principal avenues from Girona you’ll only have to go forward until you see the impressive front of the Hotel Gran Ultonia and of the Hotel Ultonia.

  •  Option 2: Quick and easy

Another less attractive but more quickly possibility, is following the high step where it circulates the train. At a height of the Artillers street you’ll find the signs that indicate the entry of the hotels.

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