How to reach the hotel from the Airport of Girona

The Airport of Girona is conviniently located just 12 km from Hotels Ultonia. There are different ways to get to and from the Airport of Girona:

  • Taxi

Travelling by taxi is the most comfortable way to arrive from the airport to the gate of the Hotel Gran Ultonia and the Hotel Ultonia. The rally can take you about 20 minutes. After your arrival and during your stay in the city, if at anytime you need to order a taxi you can simply ask to our front office team and they will kindly handle it for you. 

  •  Bus

This is the most economical way to reach Hotels Ultonia from Girona's airport. Shuttles circulates regularly from airport to Girona downtown. Choosing this option, you have to know that the bus stops at the Bus and Train Station of Girona. From that point, you could get easily the hotel within 10 minutes walk if you follow the detailed indications in the part how to reach the hotel from Girona's Train station and bus station.

  •  Car rental

Whether your prefer to rent a car during your stay in Girona, at the airport several companies operate that service. From airport’s gateaway you have to join A-2 highway and follow the indications until you arrive a bifurcation where you will be able to take the Barcelona street. You can find further details and recommendations about how to reach the Hotel Gran Ultonia and the Hotel Ultonia in the section how to reach the hotel from Girona's South entrance. We would like to remind as well, that our venue allows you to park in they private parking how to reach the hotel's parking.