Christmas in Girona

The Christmas festivities fill the city of Girona with illusion, music, lights, lanterns, fairs and, above all, lots of magic. Today we bring you all kinds of plans so that you can enjoy these holidays in the most Girona style. 

The Pont de Pedra - There can not be a more Christmas-like image in the whole city than the Pont de Pedra with handicraft stops and the wonderful Onyar houses in the background. If you walk at night, you will have a spectacular view over the bridge of Peixateries Velles, the postcard image par excellence of the city.

Ice skating - A Christmas without an ice rink is not Christmas. The Palau Firal becomes an ice rink of 800m2 accompanied by a slide - 2.4 meters high, 27 meters long and 3 lanes for sledding. One of the most special and fun activities during these dates! 

The arrival of the Three Wise Men - One more year, one of the most anticipated activities of the Christmas festivities will be the cavalcade of the three Kings, which will take place on January 5 from 6.30 p.m. Just, Their Majesties are installed in the gardens of the Wall, from where they start their journey surrounded by lanterns, boys and girls.

The tió and the manger, in Plaça Independencia - Caganers, shepherds, Kings of the Orient, the Virgin Mary ... All the figurines of the manger parade in different stops of the Plaza Independencia. In addition, some of the stores have fun and original tió options. So, if you want to color and shape your Christmas, we recommend that you take a walk around this central area of ​​the city.