Girona All Year Round

Although Girona is a relatively small city where everything is quite close by, its wonderful charm and a wide range of activities and things to do and see allow it to compete with big cities. It makes no difference when you visit Girona because the city has the same pace all year round and there are thousands of options for all audiences 365 days a year. 

In autumn, the city takes on warmer tones, the Devesa Park is at its prettiest with brown and golden leaves and the whole city comes out to celebrate the much-anticipated local festivities of the Ferias de Girona. The heat begins to dissipate but we still take our strolls through the Barri Vell and see the places where part of the popular series Game of Thrones was filmed. 

Winter comes with a cool freshness that does not prevent us from going outdoors to discover the alleyways and secrets hidden by the city. The Christmas lights are turned on all around the city and we can enjoy them as we eat an ice cream at Rocambolesc – their hot ice cream is perfect for winter! Of course, we mustn’t forget fun afternoons on the ice-skating rink, which are ideally followed by a stroll through the city’s historic quarter in its medieval style

After the cold has passed, springtime arrives and the city comes alive again with bright colours and good weather: it is time to spend afternoons on the Archaeological Walkway, wandering along the walls of a city with lots of history and spending hours in the open air discovering the secrets they hide. It is also time to enjoy the Festival Girona Temps de Flors, which completely transforms the city and fills it with flowers and colour.

And lastly comes summer: the city air fills with music as lots of outdoor festivals turn different places around the city into backdrops and stages for countless musical styles. It is also the time for summer markets, with shops and latest fashions, and trips to the incredible beaches of the Costa Brava, which receive us with open arms. 

Whenever you visit Girona, it has lots of festivals, plans and a wide variety of gastronomic options all year round to ensure your stay is anything but boring. In just a few years, the city of Girona has multiplied its potential, thanks to the arrival of the high-speed train (AVE) and the massive growth of its airport, both of which have shortened the distance and made sure there is no excuse for not visiting and enjoying the city.