The best restaurants in Girona

A visit to Girona is not complete if you don't taste the good cuisine of any of its restaurants. The gastronomic offer of the city is wide and varied but above all qualitative. The people of Girona like to eat well and appreciate the qualities of good cuisine. From the most traditional to the most innovative offer, Girona stands out for having some of the best restaurants in Catalonia.


El Celler de Can Roca

It does not need presentations and is a world reference of haute cuisine. You have to book a table in advance, but it is a mandatory stop and an exclusive reason to visit the city for gourmets from all over the world. The restaurant has an online booking system that allows you to check availability and make reservations, or put yourself on a waiting list. Every first day of the month at 00h a new reservation period is opened.


In the Mimolet we will find an elegant and delicate space in the heart of the old town where we will be served a fresh and modern cuisine in constant evolution. A must-see restaurant in Girona where every detail of the dishes and service is taken care of.


A cuisine based on organic products, vegetables, meat or fish. The philosophy of the restaurant speaks of probiotic cuisine, which in short could also be said 'healthy cooking where it is about maximizing all the flavors of each ingredient'. You have to book, because the place is very small and always full. At noon they make a menu of excellent quality price.


The perfect balance between traditional cuisine and the innovation of avant-garde techniques have earned the restaurant Massana the reputation of being the best restaurant in Girona. With a solid track record, this reference establishment offers a menu in motion, adapted to seasonal products.

In 2011 the owners extended the family with the NU restaurant, the most modern and singular face of the essence of their cuisine.


It was one of the first restaurants in Girona that made a commitment to wines and cheeses, which continue to stand out when you are going to enjoy a great meal. Currently located in the old gym of the Casino of the city, the Divinium is one of the most attractive proposals of Girona gastronomically speaking. Its owners, Juan Morillo and Laura Tejero, take care of every detail of the dishes and the service.


With kitchen and room managers linked to El Celler de Can Roca, the Maran, next to the Hotel Ultonia, stands out for its modern and local cuisine. At midday it offers a daily menu, at mid afternoon it is a tapas and wine bar and in the evening it becomes a restaurant again. It stands out for an extensive winery and good advice and service.