Where Does Ultonia Name Come from?

Ultonia is a name rooted in the history and culture of Girona and gave its name to the Hotels Ultonia, to a local street and to a cinema. The origin of this name is in the regiment of infantry Ultonia.

This regiment of soldiers was one of three military units formed by Irish emigrants to the service of the Spanish Crown throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. The name Ultonia is the Latin translation of Ulster, a wellknown region in North Ireland.

The Ultonia regiment was founded in 1708 under his original name of Mac-Aulif. Throughout its history the regiment performed in the War of Succession, in the Seven Years War and in many other military conflicts. A contingent of the Ultonia Regiment actively participated in the defense of Girona during the French War, specially during the siege in 1809.

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