The Old City

To enjoy Girona, there is the option of walking round the Old Quarter or Old City, which brings back the atmosphere from more than two thousand years ago and, both by day and night, it will captivate you.

You can be carried away by the labyrinthine lanes of the Call, the ancient Jewish quarter, and while you walk, you can imagine how Jewish people lived here during the Middle Ages. However, the city sights are still waiting for us. You can go up the ninety steps of the spectacular baroque staircase which leads to the Cathedral and, once you are up there, you can visit the inside of the magnificent sanctuary. 

You can also visit the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligans, the Moorish Baths or the church of Sant Feliu, gazing at the small details of the façades and the vaults of the gardens, together with the lifestyle of its friendly inhabitants.